Isso mesmo, a Unreal Engine agora possui uma versão que publica para iPhone. A já consagrada engine de Consoles de Video Game, que tem em seu currículos jogos como Unreal Tournament e Gears of War, agora disponibiliza uma UDK (Kit de Desenvolvimento) para desenvolvimento de jogos para iPhone.
Pelo que parece, depois do sucesso que a Unity3D Engine fez e faz, as gigantes de jogos despertaram para este nicho de mercado que os dispositivos portáteis oferecem.

UDk Online
Epic Games

A seguir, uma pequena lista com alguns recursos da UDK para iPhone.

UDK Remote: A handy tool that enables iOS devices to serve as wireless controllers with full touch and tilt functionality for testing games on the computer.

· New Unreal Frontend system compiles scripts and deploys builds for multiple platforms with the simple click of a button.

· Mobile Previewer: Preview your application locally using a fully feature OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer with mobile input simulated.

· One-click Deployment: Easily deploy your application from the Unreal Editor to your iOS device with only one click.

· Next-gen Mobile Graphics: UDK’s highly optimized mobile renderer has support for per-pixel lighting, environment mapping, precomputed visibility and more! And of course, Unreal Lightmass computes stunning light and shadows to bring your scene to life.

· Unreal Kismet Visual Scripting: Artists and level designers can string together actions, inputs and events in Unreal Kismet to dictate how the world flows and how the player interacts without having to touch a single line of code.

iOS Feature List

· Base UE3 Features

· Highly shippable, proven engine core

· Unreal Editor: Almost entire editor is supported

· Unreal Lightmass: Global illumination, ambient occlusion and more

· Unreal Swarm for distributed lighting builds

· UnrealScript dynamic scripting language

· Unreal Kismet visual scripting

· Pathfinding and navigation meshes

· Unreal Matinee cinematics tools

· Unreal Cascade particle designer

· Mesh painting tools

· Canvas-based UI rendering

· Unreal Content Browser asset manager

· Full support for Autodesk FBX file format

· Unreal animation system (AnimTrees, additive animations, blending, etc.)

· Play In Editor, one-click game preview

· Real-time inverse kinematics

· BSP level construction system

· Crowd system

· Level-Of-Detail systems, including Massive LOD

· Performance and memory profiling tools

· Mesh simplification tool

· Texture unwrapping and LOD generation tools

· Perforce source control support

· Physics and collision systems

· Unreal Frontend tool for launching/packaging your game

· Unreal Console lets you connect to mobile apps, issue commands and view logs

· 64-bit tools allow for huge data sets

· Mobile

· Portrait and landscape modes fully supported

· Multi-touch control support including tilt/gyroscope

· Touch-based look controls, gesture support

· New mobile “input zone” system

· Unreal Kismet and UnrealScript support for mobile input

· Mobile input emulation on PC

· Basic UI system based on canvas, with simple buttons/sliders

· Movie playback

· Engine

· Fast performing iOS game engine

· Level streaming with asynchronous loading

· Share assets between multiple platforms

· Mobile shader precaching/warming for hitch-free gameplay

· Unreal Lightmass normal map baking

· Precomputed Visibility system with Unreal Matinee path support

· Cooker generates optimized minimum set of shaders based on game usage

· Sound and music playback using OpenAL

· 3D sound spatialization (stereo output)

· Asynchronous music streaming

· Tools

· Mobile Previewer for PC with nearly 1:1 graphics preview

· UDK Remote for previewing mobile input on PC using iOS device

· Movie generation tools with authentic mobile-style graphics

· Capture screenshots and movies from device

· Preview iOS device resolutions, system settings and landscape/portrait from editor

· Graphics

· State of the art graphics features on mobile

· Flexible material system generates highly optimized OpenGL ES2 shaders

· Real-time shadows (planar)

· Particle systems

· Bump offset mapping

· Skeletal animation

· Shading

· Real-time per-pixel lighting

· Normal mapping

· Specular lighting, including per-pixel specular

· Dynamic lighting (movable, animated lights)

· Animated materials

· Translucency, opacity masks

· Rim lighting

· Fresnel effects

· Texture blending

· Vertex coloring (paintable meshes)

· Emissive lighting

· Vertex deformation (foliage, cloth rendering)

· Environment mapping

· Baked ambient occlusion (skeletal meshes)

· Water surface effects

· Masking for emissive, environment maps, rim lights and more

· Decals

· Static mesh rendering

· Non-uniformly scaled objects

· Automatic Texture Flattening tool

· Atmospheric fog